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Delivering business growth through Sales Growth Consultancy, Interim Sales Leadership and Learning & Development

Over 30 Years in Sales Leadership

Richard Adams, Founder & Managing Director

Why are we called Sharpstone?

I'm often asked 'Why are you called Sharpstone'? Find out why by clicking below.

Find out why

Richard has spent over thirty years working with companies that have ‘Growth’ at the centre of their DNA and the past seventeen as a Sales Director in large corporate organisations. He is a results driven sales specialist, working with product or service led organisations with large sales teams.

Richard has a reputation for working with established businesses with sales growth issues, or businesses that require a turnaround.

He drives sustainable growth through delivering high-performing sales teams and sales leadership.

Over 30 Years in Sales Leadership

Phil Bradley, Director of Learning & Development

As a sales leader, Phil has always delivered and is passionate about where delivering great results come from – he believes passionately in hiring, developing, promoting, and rewarding great salespeople. Over the years his teams have flourished, and many have gone on to have amazing careers at the top of blue-chip organisations.

Phil started as a salesperson and worked his way through field sales, corporate accounts, and sales leadership and prior to taking on his real passion which is developing people he held a number of Sales Director positions leading highly successful organisations.

His approach to Learning and Development is that it should be a constant in any organisation and start right at the top of any organisation. Without the alignment and capability of the leadership training will simply be a ‘tick box’ exercise and a transactional environment without driving real change.

Everything Phil and his team do is about delivering behavioural change to long lasting results that support every individual who he works with over their entire career.

Our Aims

Sharpstone is a Results Driven organisation. We deliver what we say we will deliver and having been used to working in major corporate organisations delivering huge growth, we understand and can demonstrate how we have achieved this. Delivering growth in any organisation is not just about hiring great salespeople, it is about having the Right Strategy, the Right People and the Right Customers. We will deliver a 3-dimensional approach that is proven and works!

We will:

  • always deliver the results committed to.
  • work in partnership, with empathy and become trusted advisors.
  • communicate and take responsibility.
  • be recommended by every client we work with.
  • grow your turnover.
  • grow your profits.
  • deliver people engagement.

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