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Our Business framework of
Strategy | People | Customers
defines ‘How’ we approach any assignment with a new or existing client and drive growth through any Learning & Development Programme.

Experts in Learning & Development

The Sharpstone Training DNA

At Sharpstone, we adopt an approach based on Experience, Results, Engagement and Long-Term Impact.

Any facilitator working with Sharpstone will have had a highly successful career in selling, making them relatable and respected.

Any results will be planned, measured, and reviewed as part of a Return-on-Investment model.

Our solutions will build a culture of continuous learning and development for your organisation. We guarantee a memorable and interactive learning experience for all stakeholders involved with us. 

All learning & development will be aligned to the purpose and values of your organisation, which enables us to guarantee Improved Performance and Employee Engagement.

6 Key Learning & Development Areas


Leadership Development

  • Developing your next Leaders through transition
  • Developing Leader Inspirers

Personal Development

  • Individual Coaching & Mentoring
  • Career & Performance Coaching

Sales Process

  • All elements of the sales process

Bespoke Sales Learning

  • Business Specific Needs
  • Services or Products
  • Process
  • Development

Mindset & Thinking

  • Positive mindset & thinking 
  • Managing hindering thoughts

Employee Retention

  • Onboarding
  • Career planning
Leading Learning & Development Workshops

What Can Your Team Achieve?

These questions from Patrick Lencioni’s book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team highlight things that might derail your Team from accomplishing all that they are able to achieve.

Even the best leaders and managers recognise that Team dynamics in their organisation can be improved. 

Cultural Strategies can help bring a Strengths-based focus to overcoming The Five Dysfunctions through facilitation of our Workshops. 

We pair the Sharpstone developmental process with an analysis and deep dive into your Team’s behaviours. 

Workshops that Deliver

You and your team will learn how to:

The Workshops That Change Everything

Results of our workshops

  • Your Teams will start to look for behaviours among Team members that detract from collaboration and cohesiveness as a Team
  • Your Team will become much more adept at addressing the behaviours in a respectful and honouring manner that will move the Team forward and away from the destructive behaviours
  • As collaborative and helpful behaviours become normalised among Team members, you will spend less time navigating through behaviours and more time on problem resolution, brainstorming processes, and achievement of tasks
  • You will be able to prioritise your meetings to work on the most urgent matters first and foremost, assigning the best people to them with the appropriate Strengths to accomplish them, and gaining ground on your organisation’s objectives
  • Your team will be able to accomplish their Goals within a specified timetable, celebrate the Team’s achievements, and move onto the next goal

You will receive the great vibes and value associated with Teams that work well together toward their specified results with one will and continue to use their Strengths to build one another up before, during and after achievement of your Goals.

Workshop schedule

Together, we will explore your Team’s dynamics and work through the Five Dysfunctions. A certain amount of pre-work may be needed. This method is recommended as it will give your Team the best opportunities for full implementation of changes needed to re-establish a collaborative and dynamic teaming environment:

  • Benchmark where your Team is currently on all Five Dysfunctions using an assessment tool, 
  • Debrief your Team on the assessment results, 
  • Gain understanding of the underlying principles, and 
  • Begin dismantling misunderstandings and start to create more cohesiveness among Team members in the “Building Trust” and “Mastering Conflict” modules.
  • Continue to dismantle misunderstandings and create more connected Teams in the “Achieving Commitment,” “Embracing Accountability,” and “Focusing on Results” modules,
  • Dive deeply into aligning your Team around best results in each of the modules while considering their Strengths,
  • Determine your Goal for the next 3-12 months, along with its Defining Objectives and Standard Operating Objectives,
  • Define/develop appropriate metrics for each of your Defining and Standard Operating Objectives,
  • Brainstorm together the persons or teams of people best able to accomplish each Defining and Standard Operating Objectives through a Strengths evaluation of your Team Grid,
  • Address how to effectively create a “Live” Meeting Agenda and streamline meetings 
  • Determine which three behaviours you will focus on for the next six months to develop your Team.

Our Aims

Sharpstone is a Results Driven organisation. We deliver what we say we will deliver and having been used to working in major corporate organisations delivering huge growth, we understand and can demonstrate how we have achieved this. Delivering growth in any organisation is not just about hiring great salespeople, it is about having the Right Strategy, the Right People and the Right Customers. We will deliver a 3-dimensional approach that is proven and works!

We will:

  • always deliver the results committed to.
  • work in partnership, with empathy and become trusted advisors.
  • communicate and take responsibility.
  • be recommended by every client we work with.
  • grow your turnover.
  • grow your profits.
  • deliver people engagement.

What People Are Saying

Over 30 Years in Sales Leadership

Richard has spent over thirty years working with companies that have ‘Growth’ at the centre of their DNA and the past seventeen as a Sales Director in large corporate organisations. He is a results driven sales specialist, working with product or service led organisations with large sales teams.

Richard has a reputation for working with established businesses with sales growth issues, or businesses that require a turnaround.

He drives sustainable growth through delivering high-performing sales teams and sales leadership.


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