The 5 Behaviours – Results

The final video in our series on the 5 Behaviours focuses on ‘Results’.

Results are what drives an organisation forward, and enables measurement against sales strategy and performance. Are the mechanisms you’re putting in place successful; are your leadership and sales teams aligned and following the direction set out in your strategy; are your sales KPIs tracking at the levels you expect? There’s no way to answer any of this without a real focus on results.

On the other hand, there’s no use measuring results against flexible scales that are ambiguous and aren’t clearly defined. Proper Learning & Development training can help you integrate an effective results-orientated approach that helps your people get into the flow state. The ‘flow’ is what we call the high performance state, where your teams can simply perform at their best and achieve the results you set out. In the flow state, your people are all unconsciously competent at the top of their performance curve.

Thanks for following our series! We hope you’ve enjoyed it. Using the 5 behaviours, Sharpstone Learning & Development can transform your organisation into a high performing team.

As always, we welcome your comments and questions! ?

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