The 5 Behaviours – Results

The final video in our series on the 5 Behaviours focuses on ‘Results’. Results are what drives an organisation forward, and enables measurement against sales strategy and performance. Are the mechanisms you’re putting in place successful; are your leadership and sales teams aligned and following the direction set out in your strategy; are your sales …

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The 5 Behaviours – Accountability

The next behaviour in the 5 Behaviours is Accountability. Attempting to lead a sales team without accountability is tantamount to walking around in the dark without a torch. It’s imperative that a performing business sets targets and standards, that are consistently maintained and reviewed. That isn’t to say that we need to micromanage those in …

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The 5 Behaviours – Commitment

The next behaviour in the 5 Behaviours is Commitment. Without real commitment in sales and leadership, performance is impacted detrimentally. It starts with ownership and buy-in, and doesn’t just revolve around the overarching goals and objectives of the team, but also the micro-level goals. Commitment is a behaviour that can be cultivated through effective Learning …

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What is the biggest mistake that companies make when hiring for their sales teams?

? Ever wondered how you can improve the Sales hires you make in your business? If so, this interview with Richard Adams of Sharpstone is a must watch! Richard rightly highlights that Sales roles aren’t all the same. There are nuances to roles that require hiring for different skill sets and personality types. The biggest …

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Hiring Lessons from the Trenches

In the second part of our interview with Richard Adams, we delved into how you make successful Sales hires and onboard new salespeople effectively. Richard stressed the importance of really getting inside each candidate’s head and understanding their motivations, their “why”. As Richard concludes, you can teach skills and knowledge – but 80% of how …

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Welcome, Phil

? We have some very exciting news to announce ? At Sharpstone, we believe an effective Learning & Development offering is paramount in order to achieve sales success. To that end, we have officially welcomed Phil Bradley into the Sharpstone team. Phil will be heading up our Learning & Development moving forward. Get in touch today to …

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