The Importance of a Good On-boarding Process

Here’s your laptop, target and your territory is…

You would not believe how many times I interview people who have joined organisations where they have gone through an exhaustive process to get a role with a company and then find that the welcome or on-boarding has not been thought about, they get to their new company, they are provided with their shiny new laptop, mobile phone, territory and car and told this is your area and these are our expectations, then buddied up with another sales person and told look forward to seeing your results! Great on-boarding has so many benefits; we shall explore some of them.

What should a great onboarding Program look like?

Focus on:

  • The company they are joining
  • The role they being employed to do
  • The processes they will need to adopt
  • Paint a picture of the future for them and the business

The company they are joining

  • They understand your aims, your Purpose quickly.
  • They understand your company journey.
  • They understand where they fit within your company.

The role they are starting

  • They understand the expectations of the role.
  • They understand the DILO of their role.
  • They understand what good looks like.

The processes they will need to adopt

  • Who will they need to interact with.
  • What are your company processes.
  • What are the processes you have developed for the role.

Paint a picture of the future for them and the business

  • Where is the business going – what is your vision.
  • What are the career opportunities.
  • How will it feel working for this organisation.

By doing all of the above, you will:

  • Help a New Employee feel part of something.
  • Help the New Employee feel they have made the right decision to Join.
  • Help the new employee to feel proud of your organisation.

There are so many more benefits than those listed below. Do not underestimate a great on-boarding program!

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